The Station

(CAL – OO – BRY)

Purchased in 1878 by the Armstrong family, Callubri Station is steeped in four generations of family farming heritage. The 28,500-acre Merino sheep and cropping station is the backbone of the agritourism enterprise. Offering guests a rare glimpse into Australian family farming, the property showcases ‘the everyday of outback life’ with a luxurious flair. However, like any authentic rural experience, authenticity remains firmly at it’s heart.

The the 28500 acre sheep station is nestled between the remote country towns of Nyngan and Tottenham in Central West NSW. Located close to the centre of NSW, the property is easily accessible by road or private plane.

With a strong focus on sustainability, farm stay guests enjoy a true paddock-to-plate experience. Accommodating up to 10 guests overnight and larger groups for dining, the property’s true luxury lies in it’s exclusivity. Hosted personally by the station owners, and their dedicated team, Callubri Station delivers an unparalleled outback Australian experience.

Your Hosts

Angie and Michael Armstrong share a passion for farming and life in outback Australia.

Raised on a small family farm in the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley, Angie spent her childhood surrounded by Melbourne’s culture and cuisine. As a fourth-generation custodian of Callubri Station, Michael’s dedication to the land and love of farming is clear.

United in their love for the land, they endeavour to foster a stronger connection between urban and rural communities. Embracing an ongoing commitment to sustainability practices, they actively work towards positive change for the environment and future generations. This ethos, they believe, embodies the essence of contemporary agritourism.

Our Wool

With a rich heritage in Merino Wool production, Callubri Station manages a self-replacing Merino flock of 12,000 sheep. Proudly RWS certified , we uphold rigorous standards to elevate sheep health and land management practices. Our commitment to the RWS accreditation reflects our dedication to the holistic integrity of our business.

RWS certification offers transparent supply chain tracking, verified by both internal and third-party assessments. This ensures that brands and consumers alike can trust that our wool originates from a farm devoted to high standards of sheep welfare and sustainable land management. For further details on the RWS program please click here.

Our Farming

Giving respect to the people of the Wongaibon Nation, Callubri Station acknowledges the land’s traditional owners alongside its pioneering past.

Callubri Station falls within a marginal cropping region. With an average annual rainfall of 450mm, the property regularly faces unpredictable weather alongside fluctuating global markets. The station sows on average 4000 acres to a mix of Wheat, Canola, Oats, Barley and Lupins each year. To preserve precious moisture and maintain ground cover between crops, the team employs minimum to zero till techniques when preparing the land.